Inspiration In Desperation


I’ve been contemplating since Thursday on what to post on my blog today – not that I’m assuming that I have a handful of readers (okay, maybe I am but who cares). I just haven’t been inspired lately – with school occupying me the whole week and sidetracking at my part time job as a contributing writer, I just couldn’t afford a minute to pause and be inspired for today’s post.

I tried looking for something everywhere I go that would spark that creative elephant in me – along the grocery aisles, other people’s conversations (no, I wasn’t eavesdropping… Shut up.), at school, my Facebook’s Newsfeed, on Instagram, the food I eat, books, on TV shows, the news, people walking on the streets, buildings, in the bathroom – I swear, everywhere.

So while on my run this early morning, I just didn’t want to give up on looking for any inspiration that maybe I would encounter with. Maybe there was something under the bushes or maybe something would fall off the trees or how about that cute guy that’s going to pass by me. Perhaps he has something, but still, it’s a big fat NONE. Minutes have passed, hours, until the sun has already risen.  While catching my breath, I couldn’t regard the fact that I was still empty of ideas.

I finally sat down (with a wavering white flag as a surrender) to cool off and watch the sun make its entrance for another day just like any other day of the 365 days we get every year – then it hit me.

Why the heck am I putting so much pressure on myself? It’s a nice day and I should just enjoy it and accept that I can’t always be inspired. It is okay to be uninspired sometimes. We don’t get to plant all the seeds and save everyone from being hungry right away. We don’t get to work too hard then be a millionaire the next day. We don’t get to exercise (#beastmode on) and get an instant result. Just like Mister Sun, it takes 11-12 hours for it to do its job for the day, everyday. We just can’t be heroes and save everyone from despair all the time. Some of us put so much pressure on ourselves and drown in our goals that we forget the main reason why we do all the things we ought to do.

Things become tasks, then turn into a hobby, the next thing we know (unawarely), it becomes a routine – dismissing the truth that we are all here to enjoy life moderately. Aristotle has this principle that true happiness is experienced with life in moderation and I couldn’t agree more on that. I guess what I’m trying to point out is, we just can’t be super good as we aim to be all the time and that’s okay because great things take time – just like Albert Einstein, who wasn’t merited the title “genius” in a blink of an eye. He was a slow speaker and only started talking properly at the age of four.

It’s okay that we don’t get to be great sometimes. It’s okay that we feel empty sometimes. It’s okay that we are not always inspired. Let’s take it slow as human beings to enjoy and just learn to appreciate what’s on our plate.

So I’m going to leave you, my good and beautiful readers (ahem), with this to ponder upon, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”



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